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Short Biography of Ashwin Ashok

I am an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Computer Science at Georgia State University (GSU) since Spring 2017 and direct the MORSE Studio. My research group focuses on emerging technologies in Mobile and Robotic Systems through experiential research. My work spans areas in visible light and camera communications, mobile and wearable systems, robotics, vehicular networking, computer vision, and mHealth. I completed my postdoctoral research from Carnegie Mellon University in 2016 and my Ph.D. from Wireless Information Network Lab (WINLAB) at Rutgers University in 2014. My thesis pioneered camera–based communication through a novel concept called visual MIMO. I have founded and continues to co–chair the ACM Wearable Systems and Applications (WearSys) workshop since 2015. I serve on the program committee for several ACM and IEEE conferences and journals and am currently a guest editor for the special issue on Visible Light and Camera Communications in MDPI Electronics journal, for Exploring Deep Learning for Efficient and Reliable Mobile Sensing in IEEE Network Magazine, and for a special issue on vehicular networking in IET-WSS.